3D Mammography Machine

Hardtner Medical Center Advances Women’s Health

Hardtner Medical Center is taking a huge step in advancing Women’s Health by introducing 3-D mammography and bone density studies to our growing list of services.

Beginning in March, 2019, area women can have their annual mammograms in 3-D at Hardtner. You can easily add bone density study to the mix for a complete check-up. Hologic has a 3-dimensional mammogram machine that can more easily detect early symptoms of possible breast cancer. For the comfort of the patient, Hardtner will have the only CURVED PADDLES in the Cenla Region. When caught early and treated could prevent serious effects in the future. Most insurances will pay for annual screening over a certain age. Should you have a family history or other at-risk factors, earlier age mammogram screenings are recommended.

Bone density studies can detect early symptoms of bone decaying osteoporosis. When detected early, medications can help correct premature early decay of bone density which can prevent broken bones and other deformities at a later age.

Women’s Health at Hardtner Medical Center is at the forefront of healthcare. Full-time gynecological care is now provided at Hardtner Medical Clinic and will be relocated to a dedicated Women’s Health Clinic in the newly constructed Hardtner Family Clinic (expected open Fall 2019).

Dr. Joel Hall, Board Certified Gynecologist and Amanda Novak, WHNP can be currently seen with an appointment or a referral. Ph. 318-495-3175