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Pathology involves the study and diagnosis of disease. In doing this, pathologists examine surgically removed organs, biopsy samples, or bodily fluids, typically in a laboratory. After a pathologist examines part of the body, he or she will provide a pathology report that details a diagnosis. Pathologists may be able to predict the course a disease will take based on results and relay that information to the patients doctor.The majority of the time one receives a medical diagnosis, it is the result of a test sent to a pathologist to examine.

Pathologists are able to perform diagnostic tests to guide physicians in how to treat a disease. Oftentimes, people think diagnostic tests are performed by a machine. However, highly skilled pathologists are there to ensure accuracy and efficiency of these tests. On any given day, you may find a pathologist examining a biopsy to detect cancer or other conditions, run blood sugar tests to determine medication dosage for a diabetic patient, and studying many other samples or tests. 

Some pathology subspecialties include:

Pathologists at Hardtner Medical Center

John Maxwell, M.D.
Lee Pankey, M.D.
Richard Blanchard, M.D.

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